Impermanence Dance theatre

A fascinating collage of musical styles that create an otherworldly and disorientating atmosphere


There are some parts I really like, however it contrasts with the sounds of violent notes of some instruments. This may appear exciting to others but I personally feel it is unnecessary.

I really like how this piece moves up and down the scale. It is repetitive but subtle so would not over shadow the dance piece.

I would find this piece a challenge to choreograph to. The mixture of instruments coming in at different times would be difficult to count and I find it hard to get any inspiration from the music.

This piece by Max Richter is would be great for contemporary choreography as the piece gives a consistent droning bass line, this gives a lot of space for choreographic material. More importantly Max Richter also gives an overlay of violins near the middle of the piece which really elevates the piece and gives it shape and form.